Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Mirrororrim" Screens at MSP ACMSiggraph's MET 2015

John Akre’s animated short “Mirrororrim”-- for which I provided some crazy sound design-- screens aa part of tonight's MET 2015 at the PourHouse, 10 S 5th St, downtown Minneapolis. Presented by MSP ACMSiggraph.

Disney animator Andrew Chesworth ("Frozen", "Wreck-It Ralph") speaks at 6:30 PM.

“Mirrorrim” will appear as part of the MET 2015 Show Reel, which plays at 7:30 PM. The program offers digital animation ranging from indie pieces to corporate VFX demos-- a wide spectrum of material.

If you're in the Twin Cities, come on by!

More sound + music by Mike Hallenbeck for animation

Mike Hallenbeck home page + contact info

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