Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Freckle Films

According to this and many other sources, Jessica Chastain is starting her own production company. Given the lack of diversity in today's film world, the news of any such new female-headed concern is on balance a positive sign in my book.

Says Chastain: "I want to celebrate artists that we don't get to hear from. I want to learn about the world around me and hopefully Freckle Films will help nurture that." Hear hear.

Not like anybody asked, but I'm sometimes dismayed at the lack of estrogen in narrative media, both in terms of offering characters of agency and in terms of the power balance behind the scenes. And I applaud culture makers who actively address the issue in whatever way they can.

Men in positions of power-- a category that sometimes includes yours truly-- must confront this issue if they really care about it. Whether or not we asked for it, the fact is that we have unearned power, which is often ours to confer if we care to.

So guys, if we really want make a difference on this, what can we do? Simple. Hire a woman. That's pretty much what it amounts to.

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