Saturday, March 19, 2016

What Jen's Been Saying In Her Sleep, March 2016

I've been posting these quotes on Facebook for a while, but given the level of interest I figured it might make sense to share this material with a wider audience. And so, with her blessing, it gives me great pleasure to offer you the latest on what my wife Jen has been saying in her sleep lately.

As a ground rule, you can assume that longer quotes are encouraged by my followup questions.

The latest quotes:

"Your baldness... it's like you're having to do a whole treatment plan... A porcupine... There's one right there."

"I'm saying all kinds of stuff... You have to register for a conference."

Jen: "Yeah, that's how it is."
Me: "How what is?"
Jen: "The subject that we're talking about."

"Problem solving... a diagnosable problem... Gotta figure out where all that's coming from... Maybe you can write them all down... Do you need a little book to show you how to be with the kitties?"

"You should take a class on how to be with the kitties."

"It's all going in the same paper. Like the ones you don't know." [I asked for clarification on exactly what sort of "paper" she was referring to.] ""Like a paper with stuff written on it... like the regular library of people... Yeah. Go for that... That's what the establishment video is about."

"Yeah. You don't have to go anywhere... It goes along like this. Sets your identity up. There's all kinds of different ways. Two days. That's how it goes. More than two days is like a long period of time... That depends on who's writing these down. It's like their doctor writing things down, and if it was their mental health practitioner writing them down, then they'd do things differently... You don't have any hair. And I don't expect you to."

"Yeah, you're a little goldfish."

"Is your head a different shape? Your head looks lumpy."

"Yeah, it's you. You just walk right in."

And our grand prize winner this time around:

"Did you get any delegates?"

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