Friday, March 18, 2016

Z-Fest Awards 2016

I'm honored to have been involved with Z-Fest’s “Best of Fest” winner for two years running. This year I created the sound design for Andrew Hunt’s thriller “Personal Space”, made by a team similar to that which assembled last year's "Clean Cut". "Personal Space" took home the top prize as well as the awards for direction, editing (hooray for Jeremy Wanek!), cinematography (hooray for Ryan Grams!), Best Thriller/ Horror/ Suspense, and Best Actress (hooray for Molly Ryman!).

View "Personal Space" in its entirety below:

I also served as sound designer, composer, and voice talent on Josh Stifter’s “10 Things You’ll Learn In the First Year Of Being A Dad”, which won the Specialty genre for animation.

I was honored to receive nominations for Best Audio/ Sound Design on both films, thus garnering 50% of the nomination in that category!

Congrats to all the nominees and winners, and thanks to everybody who helps put Z-Fest together!

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