Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Erik Bauersfeld, R.I.P.

Those who know me well are quite aware that “Return of the Jedi”’s Admiral Ackbar holds a special place in my heart. This certainly does not render me unique, so it’s in good company that I mourn the passing of one who gave him life.

This entry of The Onion’s AV Club
— which, I guarantee, provides more insight than I will— details the life and career of actor Erik Bauersfeld, the voice of Ackbar, who died recently at 93. One noteworthy aspect of this occasion is that it informs me that Mr. Bauersfeld did indeed exist— I could be forgiven for thinking that actor Tim Rose, who donned Ackbar’s cephalopodian visage in “Jedi” and, delightfully, in “The Force Awakens” as well, also provided the dear Admiral’s voice.

But no! It took two men to tell us that it was, in fact, a trap. And I appreciate them both for the work they did to make it happen. Rest in peace, Erik Bauersfeld. And thank you for your work.

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