Thursday, April 14, 2016

Junior Birdman Audio: New Studio Is Here!

I'm excited to announce that my new studio Junior Birdman Audio is up and running! I’m looking forward to providing voiceover recording, sound design, custom music, and mix for storytellers in all media, only now in a cozy professional space at the heart of Minneapolis' Northeast Arts District instead of in the spare bedroom of my house! Please like it on Facebook for updates, and feel free to get in touch for a studio tour and more info.

Upon moving in, I've hit the ground running with several projects: a branding bumper for an educational resource provider, sound design for a training app by an e-learning developer, a sales video for a medical device manufacturer, a cartoon bound for the festival circuit, and dialog edit/ FX edit/ ADR/ walla recording for a feature film. More info as it arises, and many more exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned!

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