Sunday, April 24, 2016

What Jen's Been Saying In Her Sleep, April 2016

A heaping helping of sleeptalk form my wife Jen this time around. Ellipses indicate long pauses or followup questions of mine.

Lots of analysis of my behaviors, competence, and intentions, or rather of some upside-down, funhouse-mirror version of me. (Though we don't quite get to the hostility level of a couple of years back, when comments like "Oh God, now you're here" were not uncommon.) A few quotes sound like those of a very confused Dungeon Master, and several utterances are shot through with an Emersonian imperative to self-reliance.


= = = = =

"You came here. Yeah, you win."

Jen: "A jewel garden."
Me: "What grows there?"
Jen: "Seeds."
Me: "What kind of seeds?"
Jen: "Democratic seeds... you don't know where the cat is."

"Yeah. Whatever the hell."

"Hey! How do we get into this room?... You just have to figure out how many points you're getting by how much you're winning, and then you just keep on keeping track."

"Yeah, it's like a favorite conversation you could be having with yourself."

Something about how "the kitties all have their own houses"

"That's about all there is about..." and then something about a "slide show"

"You have three heads."

Jen: "Yeah. Go ahead and do that."
Me: "Do what?"
Jen: "Whatever it is that you do."

Jen: "You should stop talking so much."
Me: "About what?"
Jen: "The little link you can click on."

"Yeah, you're done counting. You're counting the number of zeros after the first one. That's your own issue... that's what way you know you're talking about. You're like one little cartoon character. You understand this... yeah, there's all that stuff happening here. You just need to grow your own flowers... You think you have it all figured out... you're made out of all these different pieces. Different pieces of ideological components."

"Do you go out and do something? Like go to a store, or a mall, or a museum? ...You were sleeping before I got here, too... Just think about it."

"You don't know where you're going after this... did you remember your toothbrush?"

Jen: "You're walking alone in the snow."
Me: "Where am I going?"
Jen: "I don't think you know. You're lost."
Me: "Where should I be going?"
Jen: "Iowa?"
Me: "Why Iowa?"
Jen: "There's lots of people with farms down there... There's lots of people there..."

"It's you again. Did you make the secret club? ...Did you make it with your friends and neighbors? They might have a little person made out of dough. That's the extra one that it comes in, and that's the plain side of it... And we could all be there. I think we'd all be there. Some of us might still be here. We could have a lot of things."

Jen: "Yeah, you have your own little fenced off area."
Me: "Where?"
Jen: "I'm gonna get to that... Yeah. You need to keep your own slides."

And our grand prize winner this time around:

"You're breaking up the big banks."

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