Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MVPA Meeting

It was my pleasure to host a monthly meeting of the Minnesota Professional Videographers Association at my studio Junior Birdman Audio last week.

The Association provides an ongoing forum for continuing education and skills enhancement in all phases of professional video production. It was a lot of fun to talk post with some curious video folks who encounter audio challenges on a daily basis, and to share some techniques I use to make their work sound better.

I issued a request ahead of time for members to send me a problematic audio clip that I could demonstrate fixing. Tim Oberg complied with an excerpt of an interview recorded in an echoey Guatemalan classroom, marred by quite a bit of hiss and extraneous noise from outside the school (including a squeaky swing set). During the meeting I went through some techniques I use to scrub audio like this-- including EQ, de-noising, reverb removal, and spectral waveform repair.

I also demonstrated some of the Foley and ADR I've been producing for Dave Ash's upcoming feature film Twin Cities, combing through the individual tracks and then assembling a mix from all the disparate pieces. I also gave a brief presentation on the principles involved in convolution reverb.

It was a blast to share some knowledge with video professionals, and to get more of a sense of what their needs are. Thanks to Timothy Daniel Johnson for setting up the event, and to Allan Block for the images posted here!

Sound design by Mike Hallenbeck for film

Music by Mike Hallenbeck for film

Sound + music for branding by Mike Hallenbeck

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