Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sound Design/ Mix for Promo Video: Amye Scharlau, Hypnotist

I recently provided sound edit and mix for this highlight reel promoting the services of hypnotist Amye Scharlau.

Time was of the essence; I received the deliverables in the morning and needed to deliver ASAP. Interval between receipt of assets and delivery of final mix: 2.5 hours.

Many of the audience reaction audio clips were distorted past the point of usability, so I swapped in cues from my library as substitutes. Dialog edit was as forensic as time permitted; some EQ, de-noising and a bit of spectral waveform repair here and there.

Thanks to Jason Schumacher for bringing me aboard for this project!

More audio for promo/ branding by Mike Hallenbeck

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