Tuesday, June 7, 2016

In Depth: Audio Branding for Bim Bam Bumper

When the San Francisco-based Jewish educational resource provider G-dcast decided to re-brand as BimBam, they invited me to provide a musical arrangement for a new bumper to preface videos and marketing content. Here’s what we came up with together:

The creative brief called for a focus on the words “refreshing”, “joyful”, “credible”, “accessible”, and “empowering”.

One specific idea thrown my way was to incorporate the sound of a spinning gragger:

Digging into my noisemaker collection, I found that I had not one but two graggers on hand. I duly incorporated one (opting for the wooden version, as opposed to the metal version demonstrated above, which I also had), and we were off.

I tried a few different options/ iterations, ranging from straight sound effects to a musical arrangement. The latter found the most favor, and we settled on an upbeat tag that integrated some chiming tones and dynamic percussion to bring the piece to life.

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