Sunday, June 12, 2016

Original Music for Short Film: "Breathless"

Batman villains in love!

In the world(s?) of DC Comics, June 12th stands as the date that Gotham rogues Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn embarked on their romantic relationship. Hence I’m pleased to share the short film “Breathless”, which commemorates this occasion and features an original musical score I composed. Watch it below:

The soundtrack is available as a download from Bandcamp, here. Listen for free; throw me a couple bucks if you like it.

Eventually I'll publish more details on my composition process for this piece. In the meantime, enjoy!

Thanks to producer/ director Ben Enke, co-DP Steven Hoff, and performers Helena Steele (Poison Ivy), Aradia Tombes (Harley Quinn), and Mr. J (The Joker) for inviting me to collaborate on this project.

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