Monday, June 27, 2016

"You Don't Know Anything About Anything": What Jen's Been Saying In Her Sleep, June 2016

Plenty of imperative this time around, mostly the usual encouragement to do ill-defined things. The undercurrent of hostility appears to be creeping back in as well.

"You've got a lot going on with the cat situation... The cats are probably running their own booth... They're having all the people talk about different stuff... Stuff that's not important except to another kitty."

"You're not what I'm talking to."

"What about all the things you're doing? You're playing politics to the masses."

Jen: "Kitty walks to the store."
Me: "What does kitty buy at the store?"
Jen [indignantly]: "It buys the things it needs. It's not the same every time."

Jen: "Get you a snow cone."
Me: "Why?"
Jen: "Because you ordered that. It's not very substantial, but you could have it."

"That's where you go. Right after the exclamation point."

Me: "I love you."
Jen: "Yeah, you should comment on that."

Jen: "Three or four thousand."
Me: "Three or four thousand what?"
Jen: "I don't know. You should read the guidelines."

"You're gonna change out the program with the people. I don't know what it's called though... sometimes all the issues get put in a blender."

"All of it makes a square... All of the different shapes that you make... It's what you've got going on. 'Cause you don't know anything about anything."

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