Monday, July 11, 2016

Recent Viewing: July 2016

Diary of a Teenage Girl: quite simply, one of the best movies I've seen for a long time. NSFW, and not for the kids, but a terrific film.

Pulgasari: The North Korean kaiju film no one realized they needed to see, because they didn't. Unless they're like me and Jen, in which case they definitely did.

The Dead: Directed by a dying John Huston and starring his daughter Anjelica, this adaptation of the final story in James Joyce's "Dubliners" collection creeps up on you, but oh man does it deliver. Had me in tears by the end. Thanks to Pat Harrigan for showing this, as well as "Joyce's Women", on Bloomsday 2016.

The Black Stallion: I've heard this mentioned as a sound design classic many times, so I finally decided to check it out. Some great work from Alan Splet, best known for his atmospheres in David Lynch films like "Eraserhead". The material tends much more toward the "concrete", but the film is light on dialog and much of the story is told through sound. A real treat. For me, anyway.

Love and Mercy: The soundscape assembled by Atticus Ross, making heavy use of Beach Boys reels, is masterfully assembled. But what I really love about this movie is the decision to use two completely different actors to portray two completely different points in Brian Wilson's life, with no attempt to make them look like each other. A theatrical approach used to great cinematic effect.

More stuff I've watched recently, and would recommend for various reasons:

Lost in the Sun
Better Call Saul Season 1
Black Mass
Our Brand Is Crisis
Finding Dory

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