Sunday, July 31, 2016

"We Need To Talk About Your Wingspan": What Jen's Been Saying In Her Sleep, July 2016

This entry features quite possibly the most surreal thing Jen has ever said to me, asleep or awake. Also the second consecutive month to feature the mention of a blender, just to put that out there.

"Are you still doing all of the regular things?"

Jen: "You're like Mr. Fix It." *
Me: "Really? Why's that?"
Jen: "I'm not sure why this or that question is asked of me."

"Is this where you were living?"

Jen: "We need to talk about your wingspan... none of the facts are accurate."
Me: "What exactly is it about my... wingspan that we need to discuss?"
Jen: "I'd rather not get into it. You're making this harder than it has to be."

"You put your smoothie in a blender. You have to press a button to make the smoothie go."

Jen: "Lots of different stuff."
Me: "Like what stuff?"
Jen: "That's not your problem."

"Are we still going this way?"

* Quite possibly the most surreal thing she's ever said to me, asleep or awake.

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