Saturday, October 1, 2016

"There's Just A Wall And A Hamster Wheel": What Jen's Been Saying In Her Sleep, September 2016

"Fluff bucket. That's all that you've gotta do. That's the connection that you're not making... You could go away and come in. You could really just talk it out, the first one and the second one." *

"That's great. All you have to do is fit it on." [After I ask for clarification] "It doesn't matter to you. You should mind your own business."

Jen: "Yeah, that's what you do all the time."
Me: "What do I do?"
Jen: "What *don't* you do?... Were there lots of other people with cars and chairs? There's just a wall and a hamster wheel, and you stop and you get out there. Then it just does its thing."

* She calls our cat Ricky "fluff bucket" all the time, so this isn't the strangest of utterances, in the abstract...

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