Monday, May 1, 2017

Sound Edit + Mix For Short Horror Film: "Shear Madness" Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of sound edit and mix from Influx Pictures/ CutJaw Film Co's "Shear Madness", a horror short that swept a variety of honors at 2017's Z-Fest. Music (and often dialog) have been removed to better highlight sound design, executed by Mike Hallenbeck at Junior Birdman Audio.

Directed by Jay Ness, the film depicts a hair salon appointment gone horribly awry. "Shear Madness" earned a Best Audio/ Sound Design nomination and took home numerous additional honors ranging from Best Makeup FX, Best Screenplay and Best Production Design.

For this reel, music has been removed to highlight sound design. Audio presented is both FX/ Foley and sweetening of preexisting production audio, including manipulation of production dialog.

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